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Color Coach / Holistic Operator Course


Payment: 890€ (deposit)

Learn the Universal Language of Color explained by Prime World Caliber Experts in Italy ...

Discover the conscious use of Colors and their Energy: regenerate your body and well-being, balance your emotions and relationships with others, color the life of those around you.

Acquire the practical tools to understand Color and how you can exploit it in every area of your life: at the table, in the home, in clothing and personal image, at work, in personal relationships and even in affective life


It is possible to request the Opes / Coni certification which will be issued within a few months.

Why this course:

Imagine what it would be like for you if you had creativity, mental clarity, joy and a high energy level.

What an impact it would have on your relationships, your health, and your sense of inner peace and personal satisfaction

The Energy of Color takes you through a journey of transformation, and TI gives you the tools to improve the balance between spirit, emotions, body and mind.

And the best part? The conscious use of Color has multiple fields of application and you can integrate it into every aspect of your life (or that of your customers or collaborators).

It is a method tested over the years that has already brought results to hundreds of people, in their private lives, at work and in relationships.

So stay around for the next few minutes and you’re going to find out something really amazing about you…

The Language of Color is a very simple universal language (… (although very deep), and YOU ALSO HAVE YOU.

Become a Colour Coach and position yourself as an expert in universal energies of which color is the main vehicle, learn to read, interpret and apply them to help people elevate the quality of their lives..

The first step you need to take to become Colour Coach, develops through a two-year training course, rich in stimuli, which develops on multiple thematic courses, starting from the knowledge of the Language of Color, continuing with the development of the Self, energy maps, colors in the house, clothing and image, color therapy, chrome-massage, alchemy , love and relationships, corporate coaching and colors in the business.

To all the people who are interested in learning the language of Colour, all operators of wellness, cousellor, coach, pharmacists, naturopaths who want to integrate the language of color in their business.

Knowing the Language of Color means acquiring universal knowledge applicable in any sector of life and this innovative sector opens up an infinite scenario of outlets and job opportunities.

  • Individual and group coaching
  • Personal growth
  • Relational consultancy
  • Business Consulting
  • Image consulting
  • SPA consulting
  • Home and environments consultancy
  • Chromium-bioenergetics consultant
  • Holistic treatments
  • Personal growth
  • Relational consultancy
  • Business Consulting
  • Image consulting
  • SPA consulting
  • Home and environments consultancy
  • Chromium-bioenergetics consultant
  • Holistic treatments


The programme is structured to carry out all the activities necessary for the development of the mt hours as part of 16 training weekends in the two-year period – 4 days of assisted internships – exam preparation

Unlike other training institutions, the two-year journey to become Professional Colour Coach/Olistic Operator will allow you to be an experienced professional in the 6 most important areas of life, using your talents in a rich and profitable way:

Thematic areas of study

  1. Personal Growth, Coaching
  2. Wellness, Wellness and Spa
  3. Advice Colors Home and Environments
  4. Colors, Image, and Authority
  5. Love and Relationships
  6. Colors for Business – Corporate Coaching

The work is expanded and consolidated through personal insights to be carried out privately (readings of reference texts and study groups) and the internship activity.

Total hours: 924 hours – divided between front hours in the classroom or online with alternating theoretical part and part of practical exercises and personal study activities and homework work groups – including 50 hours of supervised internship;

Manuals: The training is completed with 21 study manuals, entirely printed in color included in the training offer.

Qualification certificates:
Colour Coach Professional – Holistic chromium-bioenergetic operator

Why choose the School on Color Energy?

Born from the collaboration between Iliana Manfredi and Samya Ilaria of Donato, the School on Color Energy is the first in Italy to develop awareness, intelligence, talents, creativity, emotions through color and the development of the 7 human intelligences, specializing in Colour Coaching, Colour Therapy, Wellness and Business.

Ailight School Color is 1st in Italy specializing in Colour Coaching and development of human potential.

Iliana Manfredi

Creator, founder of Ailight® Colors and Sounds- School on the Energy of Color
Iliana is a true expert on the subject. In over 30 years of activity it has helped hundreds of people to develop their potential, freeing creativity at all levels, creating training paths and wellness paths with very high impact.


Samya Ilaria Di Donato

Author of 15 color books
Samya is a curious eclectic researcher Life. His dream is to develop a new current Philosophical the Colorsophia, the eternal sophia of colors. She's been studying colors since they saved her life. (2001)

Here's what happens when you're certified.

These are the changes that you will see in yourself after the two years of course and that you will be able to reproduce in your customers:

  • At the Physical level:
    You’ll Feel a Deep Sense of Physical Well-Being
  • At the
    Mental level:
    You’ll understand how to unleash your creativity, protect yourself from stress and increase concentration

  • Emotionally:
    You’ll learn techniques to stay emotionally centered, no matter what situation you’re in
  • On a
    Spiritual level:
    You will achieve a spiritual balance, growth and expansion.

The training course is part of the Continuous and Permanent Education plan of the Holistic Professionals.

Final claim in : Color Language Operator – 50 ECP

Course teachers: Iliana Manfredi – Samya Ilaria di Donato

Ailight Registered Training Board E.N.P.A.C.O (National Associated Professionals Counsellor and Holistic Operators) code. EF06/18

Final certificate with validity also with Siaf.

Click on the"Request Information"button and dive into a transformational journey all to Colors for you and those around you.



Information and Price

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Payment: 890€ (deposit)

Learn the Universal Language of Color explained by Prime World Caliber Experts in Italy ...


Dates of lessons in AULA at the headquarters of the Color School in Bologna

October 2020 – 10am-5pm
Sat 10/11 October 2020 – The Color on the 4th floors Lights and Shadows and Zero Hydro Module and Colour Therapy – in the classroom headquarters Bologna

January 2021
3-4-5-6 January 2021 . Bologna 10am-5pm

Colour Coaching

Talent Map – Time Map

Reiki and Color Bands – Energy cleaning, preparation setting welcome

February 2021 – in the courtroom in Bologna – 10am-5pm
Sat 20 February 2021 Colour Healing Touch

June 2021 10-17

Sun 20 June 2021 – Colour healing massage and color testing – in the classroom based in Bologna

October 2021 – in the courtroom in Bologna 10am-5pm

9/10 October 2021 – Your Home, Your Energy and Symbolism of the House

October 30-31, 2021 – The color of words and image and authority on the web

November 2021 10am-5pm

6/7 November 2021 Image Colors & Clothing and Dressing the Soul – in the classroom based in Bologna

Lessons dates ON LINE

October 2020 – 10am-5pm
Sat 10/11 October 2020 – The Color on the 4th floors Lights and Shadows and Zero Hydro Module and Colour Therapy – in the classroom headquarters Bologna

November 2020 – online
Fri 13 Nov 2020 – The Meridian Energy System and Body Colors – online – 6-9.30pm
Sat 14 November 2020- Red Form – online – 10am-1.30pm

December 2020
Fri 11 December 2020 – Triad of Infinite Possibilities (Red – Yellow – Blue) online 18-21.30
Sat 12 December 2020 – Blue Form – online 10am-1.30pm

30 January 2021- Chakra and chromium-aromatherapy – color test for energy rebalancing – online

January 31, 2021 – Yellow Form online

February 2021

Sun 21 February 2021 – Orange Form –online 10am-1.30pm

March 2021 – online
Sat 6 March 2021 – The Colors of Alchemy and The Colors of Kaballah The Triad of Happiness (Orange – Green – Purple – Sovereign of the Kingdom) 10am-5pm
Sat 27 March 2021 – The 7 levels of aura and Alchemy – 10am-5pm
Sun 28 March 2021 Green Form – 10am-1.30pm

April 2021- online

Sat 10 April 2021 The Triad of Success – Indico – Project Sense – Gold- Money – Purple – Sovereign of the Kingdom – and Purple Module – Time 10-17

May 2021

Sun 22 May 2021 – Indeco Form – online time

June 2021
4/5/6 June 2021 – Colours for leaders – online

  • Colors and sense/divine project
  • Neuromarketing and Colors
  • The impact of the family tree on business lines
  • The Triad of Success: The Tool to Achieve Continuous Abundance and Prosperity

July 2021 – online

3/4 July 2021 Colors and Opportunities – How to increase your online customer package 10am-13pm

    • Group psychogenealogy and impact on the line of success
    • The importance of behavioral profiling
    • Colors and Psychogenealogy
    • Colors and days of the week: Cosmology and alignments
    • Learning from nature: Phases and Seasons of the Universe
    • The Colors of Failure: The Montages of Misery

24/25 July 2021 – Colour Coaching and Energy Map – The Color Hideouts and Reading of the Online Energy Map 10am-4pm

Start of internship activities

September 2021 online

5 September 2021- The 7 Colors of Love – Love & Relationships – Love Test – Online – Online 10-17

18/19 September 2021 – Business colour communication and empathetic communication on line 10am-13pm

  • The psychology of colors to be successful
  • Colors and opportunities
  • building/expanding the customer package
  • Color brand image

December 2021
December 2021 Course of Ethics and Deontology – online

Classroom internships to be defined

End of internship

Final thesis preparation

July 2022 – final exam

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