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4 High-profile vocational training courses

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Color Energy and learn how to use it in various areas of your profession, Colour University is the right training answer for you.


1st - COUNSELLING AND THE COLORS OF EMOTIONS - duration 12 months - 500 hours of which front 150 - cost 2,800th ECP/ecm release

Reserved for those who already work in the field of the aid relationship in different fields, they want to enrich their professionalism and acquire a title


Full Payment: 2800€

2nd - 3rd Colour Energy Campus

Release what you no longer need

Relax – Reconnect – Color your life with new possibilities

Colour Energy Campus are residential seminars, free to access, but reserved for those who have acquired knowledge in the language of color.

A campus in the name of Your Inner Transformation!
This Retreat aims to hand in Hand to the participants the beginning of a New Style of Life that leads us to listen to our SE and what it is communicating to our Being, to our Self and consequently to Our soul. We will touch on various aspects that will help us to evolve in a harmonious way towards a new approach that integrates the “color” lifestyle in our lives.

Colors and Spirituality



(excluding accommodation)

Retreat of 4 days

Body Colors and Spirituality



(excluding accommodation)

Retreat of 4 days

4th Colour University

400 hours of training, of which 110 frontal price 3,000 euros

The path in the topics of the colour University brings us in contact with the topics of the energy and divination world with a particular reference to the world of colors.
An initiatic journey, a journey of discovery of the main archetypes of colors in search of what is missing in our lives, what are the blocks that prevent us from succeeding and what meanings hide behind their stories, myths, archetypes and legends.

The colors of the soul are the colors of infinite possibilities.

We will discover the colors related to myths, to the characters of the Bible, to the archetypes of the women’s women’s deeds. We will embrace the tarot and rune, the cabal with the sephirots and the tree of life, enneagram and alchemy, tuning everything with practical exercises to find out where we are in our lives.
We will discover the triad of the soul and the colors connected to the angelic and arngelical world. And how to use these tools knowingly to achieve goals and discover our talents

Colors and Magic Activating the Wizard

Colors and Tarot
Astrology and Colors
Runes and Colors
Sefirot and Colors
Angels and Colors
Oracle of Colors
Enneagram and colors
Feng shui and colors
Colors of the Patriarchs
Ancient meanings

4th Colour University


Full Payment: 2800€


Ailight Colors and Sounds – Color 1st School in Italy and Samya Ilaria di Donato the world’s most prolific writer in the color sector with her 15 books on color research.

The most beautiful thing? It’s that you’re in safe hands.

Ailight School Color is 1st in Italy specializing in Colour Coaching and development of human potential.

Iliana Manfredi

Creator, founder of Ailight® Colors and Sounds- School on the Energy of Color
Iliana is a true expert on the subject. In over 30 years of activity it has helped hundreds of people to develop their potential, freeing creativity at all levels, creating training paths and wellness paths with very high impact.


Samya Ilaria Di Donato

Author of 15 color books
Samya is a curious eclectic researcher Life. His dream is to develop a new current Philosophical the Colorsophia, the eternal sophia of colors. She's been studying colors since they saved her life. (2001)

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