Chi é il Colour Coach

Colour Coach Job!

The Color Coach is an expert in universal energies of which color is the main vehicle and knows how to read, interpret and apply them to help people raise the quality of their life. The job of the coach is to guide their patients or client to the understanding of what they want or to the understanding of what they must do to satisfy their desires or ambitions. A Coach is a guide that helps to regain confidence in themselves to achieve what you want

The future is in the color

Knowing the Language of Color means acquiring universal knowledge applicable in any sector of life and this innovative sector opens up an infinite scenario of outlets and job opportunities. Everything on this Planet is Color, every living being is Color and the knowledge of how to use color opens any door.

A Color Coach is a guide to help you regain self-confidence to achieve what you want. Our training courses to become Color Coaches take place in the same way, but we use the Language of Color, a universal language that is understandable for the entire human system.

We communicate through the Color Energy. Color is made up of a wide range of notions, as it is not just one color, but seven different languages of color and our students must learn seven possible ways to translate it, in order to understand who they really are and what they want. to communicate.

Color consists of a wide range of knowledge, and our students, in addition to the compulsory basic color training, can then choose a field of specialization and internship. For those who want to become Color Coach it is essential to have a minimum of compulsory training in order to participate in our studies.

For who is it?

To all the people who are interested in learning the language of Colour, all operators of wellness, cousellor, coach, pharmacists, naturopaths who want to integrate the language of color in their business.

How can I do to become Colour Coach?

The first step to becoming Colour Coach, is developed through the study of the 1st module based training: the course ”Il Potere dei 7 Colori”. To know the complete path Go To see all the details.

Job opportunities

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