Why learn with us?

Our study method

The study method that makes the difference with the 7 colors of the rainbow that guide us with the “learning by doing” method.

You will experience for the first time a teaching method designed to be in tune with the natural learning processes of the human being, for this reason our courses are pleasant and full of good energy.

The understanding of training

The intent of the training is to make people conscious and aware of themselves, to develop their potential.

Metodo Scuola COlore

Iliana Manfredi

Creator, founder of Ailight® Colors and Sounds - School on the energy of Color
Iliana is a true expert on the subject. In over 30 years of activity, it has helped hundreds of people to develop their potential, freeing creativity at all levels, creating training courses and very high-impact wellness programs.


Samya Ilaria Di Donato

Author of 15 books on colors
Samya is a curious eclectic researcher of the reasons for life. His dream is to develop a new current Colorsophia is philosophical, the eternal sophia of colors. She has been studying colors since they saved her life. (2001)

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