I colori del talento

The colors of Talent

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The colors of Talent

Introducing color language course

With Samya Ilaria by Donato and Iliana Manfredi

4 evening webinars to start living in color time 19-21

With Samya Ilaria by Donato and Iliana Manfredi

For you who want to know the world of colors and start to understand how to use their secret power to improve the qualityof your life.

Colors and Personality

  • The Chakra system and the 7 levels of color intelligence
  • Energy balancing colors and beneficial properties
  • The energy ID card, what it is and how to use it
  • Paint your own colors

The School on the Energy of Color, wants to offer all people a very important tool of knowledge, The Language of Color, a knowledge that opens the door to an infinite scenario of interpretative and evolutionary possibilities.

Our brain has an amazing creative capacity, only if we know how to activate this inexhaustible process of source of ideas, within ourselves. Color is the Master of Creativity, and it is the tool that activates elaborate and complicated processes,

through a system consisting of seven basic colors.

Through our study system, you will understand what color really is and how to use this friendly travel companion to “color your life”. In our courses, we used a study methodology that is based on the natural human aptitudes of learning, so our studies are not only based on knowledge of concepts, but involve the body, mind and spirit. We want color to become part of every student’s wealth of cellular knowledge, or, to put it better, that it will lead to the awakening of dormated cell memories.

For color understanding, you are prompted to experiment with color using red, yellow and blue bathrooms.


Ailight Colors and Sounds – Color 1st School in Italy and Samya Ilaria di Donato the world’s most prolific writer in the color sector with her 15 books on color research.

The most beautiful thing? It’s that you’re in safe hands.

Iliana Manfredi

Creator, founder of Ailight® Colors and Sounds- School on the Energy of Color
Iliana is a true expert on the subject. In over 30 years of activity it has helped hundreds of people to develop their potential, freeing creativity at all levels, creating training paths and wellness paths with very high impact.


Samya Ilaria Di Donato

Author of 15 color books
Samya is a curious eclectic researcher Life. His dream is to develop a new current Philosophical the Colorsophia, the eternal sophia of colors. She's been studying colors since they saved her life. (2001)

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